Mrs Birch, Disciplinarian

  Mrs Birch, Disciplinarian  

As a well respected and Internationally known Disciplinarian with over 23 years professional experience, I specialise in providing good old-fashioned domestic discipline and strict corporal punishment to consenting adults in need of a safe release from the stresses of everyday life.


I was raised on a diet of strict Victorian values, and as a result am well aware of the importance of discipline in one's life. 


I am very passionate when it comes to discipline and have taken the time over many years to perfect my disciplinary skills.  I conduct my sessions according to a strict code of personal ethics and professional standards. 


My sessions revolve around classic themes of corporal punishment, traditional domestic and scholastic style punishments and petticoat discipline. I also offer severe punishments for the more seasoned player, supervised and online detentions for miscreant pupils, and phone discipline sessions. You can visit my Services page for more detailed information about each.

Most of my clientele are disciples of the more severe end of corporal punishment, however, that doesn't mean I enjoy any less administering spankings of a less serious nature. In fact I've introduced many newcomers to the wonderful benefits of discipline over the years. Naturally I have an extensive range of traditional Implements of Correction to use on 'naughty bottoms', which enable me to tailor a session to suit your individual needs.


Whatever your level you'll find me highly approachable and very understanding.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my services or you would like to book an appointment. 

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