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Whilst this is an accurate historical account and review of modern methods that are used, Mrs Birch does not endorse that you practice any of these methods. Effects vary between individuals and can be quite severe.

Part 3



I think the following extract from a Victorian Ladies Diary most adequately captures the concept of nettling.

"This is one of my favourite treatments, since it is open to a great deal of formality and ritual. This prolongs the anticipation and fear of the punishment ahead and enhances the effects. In the USA and most of Europe wild nettles are abundant and freely available.Their versatility is legendary as an instrument of punishment and as an effective deterrent to the deplorable habit of self-abuse by young Gentlemen. Their persuasive manner may first be employed as a simple 'switching' with a stout nettle on hands or naked genitals. Should this have no lasting effect then there are many more severe treatments that can be employed.

Let me describe to you the application of what I would describe as the ultimate sanction for the young Gentleman who would appear to be totally incorrigible.

After Breakfast the male should be given a large garden basket and invited to join you for a leisurely stroll in nearby fields or woods where wild stinging nettles are known to grow. He will quickly realise that his disgusting act has been discovered and that he is to be 'nettled', thus his torment begins as he cuts and gathers the plants for his own demise. Supervise him to make sure he selects fresh, strongly growing nettles. Let him use gloves at this stage.

The Small Nettle or Burning Nettle (Urtica urens) is a native of Europe that has spread widely as a weed elsewhere in the world (including N America), especially on warm, sandy soils. It is a much smaller plant but packs a far greater punch, probably because it has a denser covering of the stinging hairs. It may also be cultivated for year round use! Certainly it is worth going to the trouble of finding this species, as did the good Governesses of the Victorian era who were most concerned about the moral well-being of their charges.

Since the nettles are being collected for their stinging properties, make sure you check he only collects those that have a sufficiency of stinging hairs. These are the long, bristle-like hairs, which should stand out clearly from the shorter, softer, non-stinging hairs. Plants with well-developed purple pigment in the stems (a response to higher light levels) tend to have more stinging hairs than those plants which remain green.

Nettles are best selected in spring when their stinging properties are most fiery. Make sure he does not bruise or damage the leaves as this will reduce their effectiveness. Keep them in a vase of water so they remain fresh.

The remainder of the day he should spend either performing menial chores or writing lines.

Then, at the end of the day, instruct him to strip the nettle leaves from their stalks using his bare hands and pack the leaves into two sailcloth 'Mittens' and two other small calico bags, all equipped with drawstrings around their tops.

After Dinner, invite him to join you in the punishment room and deliver a thorough thrashing on both his hands and his bare buttocks using a Lochgelly tawse, before ordering him to stand in the corner of the room, hands on head. Visit him occasionally to deliver reminders of his obnoxious habits using one of your longest and whippiest canes. Leave him for at least thirty minutes before ordering him to fetch the bags of nettles and the remaining leaves and bring them to his bedroom.

Have him strip the bed completely and place an old flannel sheet upon the bedstead. Supervise him closely and apply the cane as necessary. By this time he will be trembling uncontrollably as you now start to lay the surplus nettles on the centre of the flannel sheet. Gently and calmly motion him to lie face up, upon the bed. It will be with great trepidation that he lies atop the carefully laid out nettles. Make sure they were placed with the underside of the leaf pointing upwards. Now fasten his wrists and ankles to the bed frame. He will already be wriggling and gasping as the nettles rekindle the fire in his buttocks.

Now tie him securely to the bed frame.(For serious offenders I might suggest a sound spanking of the penis at this stage before we commence the nettling. Either a ruler or a small, but very stiff leather strap, are most suitable. The strap should be about one inch wide and up to a quarter of an inch thick. Layer the entire shaft with a copious number of strokes from tip to base, and on all sides, with a strong focus on the sensitive knob. I would not stop until at least a hundred strokes have been administered.)

With thick gloved hands, leather gardening gloves are ideal, to protect you from the nettles, place your finger and thumb firmly on his pubis and with firm strokes to the penis shaft from the other bring him to full erection. He may gasp in excitement and struggle to push his pelvis forward and up to meet your tantalising fingers but there is to be no release - only pain will follow and he must know it. His legs will tremble as he wriggles on his seat of torment.

Using two of the thicker stalks as a simple splint for his penis, bind them in place with butcher's string thus ensuring that the nettles will have the whole shaft to work upon. The mitts are placed on his hands and he will start to flail them about as the stinging begins.

Next the penis bag is put in place and secured firmly to the base of his twitching member by the draw string. The squeals and pleas for clemency will begin but must go totally unheeded.... he WILL learn!

The final bag encloses his tight, pretty hair-free testicles. Smile at him and kiss him goodnight on the forehead, making sure you totally ignore his pleading, tear-filled eyes. Leave the room as his cries start to echo around the room and move to the far end of the house so as not to be disturbed by his agonised shrieks.

For repeat offenders one can insert a furled leaf into the urethra, making sure it is furled with the hairs on the leaf's underside outwards. Or you might even form a gauze tube stuffed with leaves to be inserted into his anus! This is exceptionally severe!"


The Results:


This treatment lasts by far the longest period of time! Prickling and sharp stinging begin almost immediately, and will continue at a fairly even intensity for almost four hours.

Yes he MUST learn.... no more unnatural acts!

Nowadays, in addition to these old and trusted remedies we have a wide range of pre-prepared balms and salves. The most severe of these is probably the Ralgex Stick.



Ralgex Stick

This used to be available in the United Kingdom only but sadly I believe it has been removed from the market in tube form and now only available as an ointment. In the United States you may have to settle for lesser alternatives such as Ben-Gay, Icy-Hot or Deep Heat Liquid. I used to keep a Ralgex stick for My husband, David. It looked rather like a deodorant stick, which made it ideal as a travelling companion as it easily slipped into My hand bag. Better still, a few little smears around the exposed glans was all it took to develop paroxysms of pain in any offending male. It was the perfect antidote to naughty males who liked to fondle their naughty Williams. It was a pleasure to provide such pain to a disobedient male with a Ralgex stick and amusement (to Me) with such minor physical activity.

Of course I could gain even greater effects by pressing harder as I swirled the foul smelling stick up and down a penis, around and around the knob, up and down, up and down and all around the shaft. It would take a few minutes for the pain to build up during which time I could watch with amusement, as the face of the recipient male initially relaxed as he felt there may be no pain. Then it gradually began to contort as the pain slowly waxed forth until after eight minutes or so he would begin writhing and screaming, much to My delight, in agony.

Restraint was to be advised. A good modern aid for this is plastic wrap. Round and around I'd build up layer after layer around his torso with his arms secured against his chest. Then I'd leave him to writhe on the floor, totally unable to free himself from his bonds as the Ralgex burned angrily through his willy for an hour or so.

For a more complete punishment session, after shaving around the pubic region to open the pores of the skin, which also makes any further punishment more effective, I'd apply a stringent smacking all over William, from root to head, especially the head, until red raw.

Now, before applying the Ralgex, I might melt the end of the stick over a candle or cigarette lighter. This trick was advised to Me by Lady Jane, an old acquaintance of Mine. This made the salve a lot thicker and stickier when applied and you'd get a much thicker application, which lasted much, much longer. If applied right the burning sensation could last over 24 hours. When this had been suitably applied to My satisfaction, I found it a good idea to also wrap William up in a bandage or plastic wrap to keep the heat in. I might also slip a pair of rubber pants on after the Ralgex. After 24 hours of this I bet no male would want to touch his William for a long, long time.

A second punishment that I find of interest is to put the male into nappies and diapers for a long period. My old friend Mistress Jane advises Me to ensure that for the previous 24 hours or longer the nappy has been soaked in starch so it is as stiff as a board. This can be very effective against a well-spanked and sore backside as well as William.

Or just as nasty, She advises to ensure the whole of the starched nappy is covered in stinging nettles to cover his backside and William before pinning up and applying rubber pants. This She again assures causes extreme, long term pain and discomfort for very little effort on the Lady's part.

TabascoTM Sauce

Available around the world this is a quick and easy alternative to the traditional pepper and chilli potions. Simply secure the culprit and apply a liberal dose of the Tabasco Sauce onto a piece of cotton wool. This may be applied roughly and liberally to the naughty organ. Several coats may be applied. It takes just a couple of minutes before the male is screaming for release. Indeed a gag may be required to quieten him down. Greater intensity of pain can be obtained by squeezing his little William at the end to open up the urethra. Then drop a few drops (use an eyedropper) of the sauce into the opening. One has to be very careful with this procedure though and I do not recommend it. This will burn and irritate intensely for many hours.


A lovely tonic to rub into a well scratched or spanked William. A further tip from Lady Jane.

Lemon Juice

I read of this some time ago. The lemon juice is squirted down his urethra. Or you may apply it to gauze and then thread the gauze down the urethral opening. Squeeze William to empty out the juice where it will burn and smart intolerably. Again one would have to be very careful with this procedure.


Extended chastity is usually considered an essential measure in disciplining males and in character building. This is one area where we now have a far wider range of implements than ever existed in the past.

A wonderful device for both curbing masturbation and lustful thoughts was a little bracelet patented in 1906.

The US Patent 826,377 lodged on 17 July 1906 in Atlanta Georgia by Raphael A. Sonn advised:

"The object of the invention is in a simple yet thoroughly effective and positive manner, without interference with the functions of nature or under normal conditions causing discomfort or pain, to prevent and cure the habit of self-abuse in males. Once positioned, it will be impossible to remove the appliance without great physical pain and possible mutilation. If removed it cannot be replaced without the key, so that detection will be inevitable."


A modern version of this wonderful device has now been created by the Power Exchange. this device is known as a Kali's Teeth Bracelet (KTB). This device is locked in place where it is virtually impossible to remove without the key. If the male starts to erect then the razor sharp teeth bite home and he soon screws his face up in agony until he can rid his mind of the lustful thoughts and his erection subsides!

A good site for reviewing the wide range of chastity belts available can be found at Here you can be directed to a range of sites selling chastity devices. Better still you can check out the reviews provided by other readers on the effectiveness, quality and buying experiences they have observed.

A particularly useful belt, if your male has to fly regularly is the CB2000. This is made of highly durable polycarbonate and has no metal parts. It is therefore not detected by airport security systems.



A male kept in chastity will require milking periodically in order to avoid wet dreams and any possible health effects created by a build-up of sperm. There is no requirement for the male to enjoy the pleasure of an orgasm.

As one lady observed "The purpose of his William he must learn is for urination only. If it, or he, misbehave then it will also be the focus of a great deal of pain. He can service a Lady more than adequately without using his William. After all his focus in life is to be one of service to Ladies, not of self gratification!"

It is quite possible to milk a male of his semen while totally denying him an orgasm or any sexual pleasure. Indeed the process may be recommended as it further adds to his frustration. The distraught look on any male's face when he has discharged without pleasure, knowing he is back into chastity for a protracted period afterwards is a joy to behold. Perhaps only equalled by the look on his face when he realises that he now has to consume the ejaculate, so as to not waste the protein!

There are two techniques to be considered.

The first technique is best used only by Ladies with medical training. It is referred to as prostate massage. It actually involves the prostate gland, the seminal vesicles, and the ampulla, which is the reservoir that actually holds the male sperm just prior to ejaculation.

The prostate gland is a rounded lump about the size of a large marble. It is accessed via the rectum, where it can be felt as a rounded lump toward the front of the body and just about an index finger's length inside the rectum. The best way to find it from the rectum is to insert the middle finger, and slide it from just inside the rectum (on the front side) up and in until you feel it move over a lump.

Just in back of (up from) the prostate is a smaller and roughly triangular wedge shaped nodule that is the bottom portion of the somewhat larger seminal vesicles, which is where most of the fluid of the ejaculate is produced and accumulated. Underneath the seminal vesicles are the ampulla.

The seminal vesicles, ampulla and prostate can be emptied by massaging them. The middle finger or the middle finger and index finger together are used. The Lady must wear sterile surgical gloves and ensure they have been well lubricated. Firm, slow massage over the glands will empty the prostate without creating an orgasm. Ladies you may be delighted to see that in some instances the organ does not necessarily erect for ejaculation to occur! The look on the male's face is priceless when that occurs. He does not even get to enjoy the pleasure of an erection!

To limit any possibility of an orgasm and to ensure that there is not even the pleasurable sensation of fluid passing through the ejaculatory ducts and urethra, a plastic bag full of crushed ice may be packed around the penis and testicles. It is left for ten minutes before commencing the massage. Only when the milking is completed are the bags removed.

I would imagine the male requires securing for this process, as it is very hard for him to stay still when his genitals are being frozen! Naturally the male will not be at all pleased to be denied even the small amount of pleasure of the fluid passing through his numbed ejaculatory ducts! But I guess it is not his pleasure we are concerned with.

A condom or spirit glass can be used to collect the ejaculate. At this point it is advised that the prostate massage is ended and the ejaculate fed to the male.

While the prostate massage itself may be pleasurable, most men are unable to orgasm by the process.

An easier method is to milk the penis whilst minimising stimulation. For this process I suggest taking the male to an area where there is no erotic stimulation. A smelly old diesel shed would do the trick. Don a pair of ugly rubber gloves and stand behind him. Instruct him to let you know the precise moment when he feels like he is going to ejaculate. Then reach around and roughly rub the penis. Just at the point of ejaculation, (and one has to watch closely) cease the stimulation.

The ejaculate will then slowly dribble from his organ. Most males describe the feeling as rather like urinating. It is exceptionally frustrating for him to be brought so close to the edge, to watch the ejaculate ooze forth but experience no pleasurable sensations.

The look of confusion on his face when he realises it is over without any pleasurable sensation is heart warming, to Me! Of course his predicament is heightened as if you catch the sperm and make him drink it down. Have a bucket of cold water with you and immediately make him wash down afterwards.

The whole procedure is carried out in a very perfunctory and work-like fashion. It is a quick procedure and there is no build up to the occasion. A typical scenario may go something like this...


Quite simply he may be working on his chores when you'd announce "Up to the diesel shed." Then hurry him over to the shed. Order "Trousers down". Then quickly grasp his erect organ, jerk him off and catch the dribbles. You may then brusquely advise, "Right, pull your shorts up! Now clean yourself, drink up your mess and get back to work," The chore is finished! The whole episode, including the walk up to the dirty old diesel shed has taken less than five minutes! The look of frustration on his face will give you immense pleasure!

This procedure is also very useful if performed shortly before a scheduled thrashing.

In this instance the initial procedure is as above. However, about ten minutes after the 'event' the miscreant is escorted to the punishment room, stripped and secured for his thrashing. Believe Me, after a milking, his frustration is quite palpable. As a consequence the impact of the chosen implement is heightened considerably. His nerves are raw and tender and he suffers a far greater degree of pain. Since punishments are not meant to be a pleasurable affair I highly recommend that, if a severe thrashing is due and you are approaching a scheduled milking, you reserve the punishment until just after the milking. I promise you the results are well worthwhile.

With regular milking, a male may be deprived of orgasmic release for long periods. A milking every six to twelve weeks is perhaps quite sufficient.

A particularly effective way of increasing an orgasm-deprived male's sense of sexual frustration between milkings is to caress him to just short of orgasm, and then punish his William. This will serve to remind him of just who is in charge and the fact that his naughty William put him in this predicament!


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