Mrs Birch, Disciplinarian

  Mrs Birch's Chastity Program
I'm certainly a firm believer in the need to ensure the male is kept in a state of pent up desire. It's most obvious that males who are denied their selfish 'sport' display a far more obedient, pliable and willing nature. In fact, it's quite amazing to see just how obedient and willing a male can be when faced with abstinence.
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If you're a male in need of a little controlled abstinence, and do not have a Key Holder or a Dominant Significant Other to supervise your Chastity, I am more than happy to provide such a service for you. That's of course, if you dare to hand over control to me? 

My Chastity Program is specially designed to bring the male's rampant masturbatory habits under control, which then typically results in a far more placid, obedient and loving male. Be warned though, once you join the Program it means the decision of when you next experience release will be made by me. You will be completely at my mercy.

Your Chastity Program is tailored specifically for you, based on information provided to me by you via your completed application form. You will need to allow 3 working days from the time you submit your application until you receive your specially designed Program which will contain strict Instructions for you to follow during the term of your Chastity.


Naturally you will be under my strict virtual control at all times whilst in Chastity and you will be required to report to me daily via email, without exception.

How do you join the program?

Step  1

If you are joining the Program and wish to use a Chastity device I suggest you take a look at the CB-2000, CB-3000, CB-6000 or Curve if you do not already have one. I find the CB range ideal.


Of course you may join the program without a Chastity device.

Step 2

Decide your intended Chastity period. You may select from 7 days, 14 days or 28 days in Chastity. Once you've selected, click on the Application for Chastity Program form below and fill it in.

Step 3

Once you have correctly filled in and submitted your Application for the Chastity Program you will be taken through to a page containing instructions on how to pay your Chastity Program fees.


Methods of payment

Payments are via Paypal. Contact me if you'd prefer to use an alternative method of payment.


Commencement and Release dates

Although you may choose your initial Chastity period, your Release will be granted on the date that I determine. My decision will be based on your behaviour, attitude and level of obedience throughout your time spent in Chastity.

So, if you are ready to change your ways you may commence by selecting one of the Chastity periods below then filling in your Application form. Don't forget, you will need to allow 3 working days from the time of submitting your Application until you receive your official Chastity instructions from me.

Fill in your Application for the Chastity Program here


   Fees in AUD for Mrs Birch's Chastity Program - currency converter


7 days in Chastity                           - $95   
14 days in Chastity                         - $195
28 days in Chastity                         - $395

    Disciplinary Sessions

  • Purchase your Chastity Device


The Chastity Lottery Game


How lucky do you feel? Join the Chastity Lottery Game and submit to an initial 7 days in strict Chastity before being allowed to apply for a Sexual Release Application. Only then you'll find out your fate. That's when the fun begins....


If you're feeling adventurous, and love surprises, contact me for instructions on how to apply for The Chastity Lottery Game.