Compulsive Behaviour Must Be Dealt With!

Part 2

by Jummbuck




With my pants still down and the pain across my lower parts, I had no choice but to hobble unsteadily over to the table.  I removed all my clothing quickly and then stood at attention, hands cupping my penis and balls.


"Get those hands away and stand up straight!" said Headmistress.


I obeyed and felt overwhelmed with embarrassment, my shorn head magnifying my feelings of humiliation. 


"Do you know what the capital of Brazil is, young man?"


This question completely threw me and I grappled awkwardly for the answer before hesitantly replying, "Rio De Janeiro, Headmistress?"


Looking over at the map of the world near the wooden platform, Headmistress tut-tutted as she moved her head slowly back and forth. "I can see some geography lessons are definitely in order for you.  It's Sao Paulo, silly boy.  Anyway, you are now going to made much more familiar with all things Brazilian.  Up on to the table, face up, arms and legs straight."   


I climbed gingerly onto the table, my body aching in several places.  As I did this I noticed the two holes in the vinyl surface, one roughly teardrop-shaped and near the top, the other circular and near the middle.


Headmistress gazed down at me.  "Nurse Swan has kindly offered to help while I get on and do some necessary work.  I don't want to be disturbed at all.  Is that clear boy?"


"Yes Headmistress."


Headmistress looked across at Nurse Swan, nodded and walked out the room, leaving the door to her office open. Nurse Swan came and stood over me, grinning.  Headmistress was strict, but there was a certain detachment in her manner, almost a sense that she was fulfilling a higher, necessary duty.  With Nurse Swan, it was something very different - she appeared to derive great pleasure in physically tormenting boys under her care.  I was completely cowered and scared of her.   


"You'll be a very, very good boy for Nurse, won't you?"


Through despairing panic, I managed to stutter, "Yes Nurse" before closing my eyes. 


"And remember, Headmistress does not want to be disturbed".  She undid the lid of the container sitting in one of the bowls full of hot water.  "Keep your eyes closed." She now dabbed one of the thin lengths of cloth into the container, swung around and pressed it down firmly over part of my left leg.  The hottish sensation felt odd but not altogether uncomfortable.  Nurse repeated the action and then tore off the first strip in one movement.  I let out a huge howl and opened my eyes wide.  Nurse now tore off the second strip.  Again I howled.


Headmistress entered the room in rapid steps.  "I expressly told you I did not want to be disturbed.  If you intend howling like a baby at a little waxing, then you'll just have to howl in silence." With that she picked up the bowl with the shaved hair, ran some water into it, then immersed a small terry toweling cloth in it.  "Open your mouth." She stuffed the cloth in my mouth. "I want it sucked dry by the time Nurse has finished removing all your unsightly boy hair.  Now behave."  She turned and left the room; the whole incident took place in less than two minutes. 


Nurse Swan grinned at me. "You were warned.  Silly, silly boy."  She dabbed another strip in the hot wax and another, then pulled the two of them away. I let out muffled cries and started sucking desperately at the cloth.


Nurse Swan continued waxing over both legs right up to my crotch, each time enjoying the sight of me sucking hard on the cloth.  "Now that's been done we can start up top." She walked around my lame body slowly, stopping to lift, twist and pinch both nipples as she went.  I let out anguished groans but she just sly grinned back at me.  She then lifted my arms and underarms.  "Mmmm, not a great deal on your chest or arms.  A pity really, if only you had some Mediterranean blood in you I could have had some real fun removing it," she said with a dark laugh. She picked up a razor, then a shaving brush and dabbed it into the bowl with the hot soapy water.  The hot brush jolted slightly but I didn't pull away. A minute or so later, the razor had done its job on the first underarm.  She moved around the table and shaved my other underarm. "Time for your arms." She lathered the first and shaved it smooth, then did the same with the other.  


"Now turn over and prop yourself with your arms on the table." She inspected my back but concluded it wasn't worth doing anything with.  "Roll back".  She picked up a pair of scissors, flopped my reddened penis forward and deftly cut all the pubic hair back to near the skin.  She hovered near the table for a few seconds before deciding to continue with the razor.  Soon I was as bald down there as I was on my head.  She now picked up a pair of tweezers, moved around behind my head and said, "No jumping around...or else."  She plucked away most of the brows in quick movements so that within a few minutes they were nothing more than a thin smear.  "And now I think I'll change approaches. Roll back over."


I turned and put my face in the teardrop-shaped hole, finding myself staring into a mirror placed near the bottom of the table legs.  The thinned eyebrows were a shock but at least I didn't have to look at my shaved head or body. "Now raise your behind and spread your cheeks." I obeyed and within seconds felt a waxed cloth strip pressed into the flesh around my anus.  Then another.  Oh no! I screamed to myself.  "I know how poor the hygiene is of boys." RIP!! She wrenched the cloth away.  I screwed my face up in response to the excruciating pain.  She then applied two more strips and wrenched these from my tortured body.  "And now we needn't have to worry about any dirty things catching down there.  You can lie back down and relax...for the moment anyway," she said with a chuckle.  I flopped back down and sighed, listening to her wash her hands and make her way to Headmistress' office.


I'll never, ever, play with myself again! I thought, gazing in bewilderment at myself.  


I tensed as I heard the two of them make their way over to me.  Headmistress' polished shoes now came into view, stopping next to the mirror. She bent down and, not looking at me, adjusted the mirror's angle.  When she stood up I found myself staring straight into her face through the mirror. 


"Clearly you cannot be trusted with your penis.  For this reason, you are not permitted to display an erection or to touch it in any way, shape or form for the next six months.  To help you develop this habit, you are to be fitted with a penile restrictive device known as a chastity cage.  Nurse." 


Nurse Swan now bent down and grabbed hold of my penis through the other hole in the table. Assuredly, she lifted the shaft and balls in her hand, fitted a hardened plastic device around them, closed it then attached a small padlock to it.  She stood up and pocketed the key.  My penis now felt like it was squashed to about half its normal flaccid size.


Still gazing at me through the mirror Headmistress placed a bowl under my mouth.  "Have you sucked that cloth dry?"  I nodded my head slowly.  "Drop it in then." She didn't bother touching it - it was sucked into a tight, twisted ball; it was plain I'd been doing my best to dry it out.  "And next time you disturb me, I'll repeat the treatment.  Is that clear?"


"Yes Headmistress," I replied through clagged and hair-stuck teeth, gums and mouth.


"Up off the table and stand to attention," said Headmistress.  She looked me up and down then said, "Bend over and spread your cheeks."  Bent over like this, I couldn't help but notice all the little red, raised marks where the hair had been ripped from my legs.


Headmistress lowered her head to take in Nurse Swan's waxing.  'You are a dab hand, Nurse Swan, a very dab hand." "Thank you Headmistress, I do try to get things smooth all over.  I can't wait to wax away the last of it later in the week.'


"Stand up. Now go and drink three large glasses of water.  You are to swish and gargle before swallowing," said Headmistress.  I moved over to the sink and obeyed her, gagging and coughing several times as the shaved hairs caught in my throat.  I finished and turned to face her, standing at attention.


"Are you aware of what a hair-shirt is, young man?"


"No Headmistress."


"It's very well described by it's name.  A hair-shirt was a garment worn by penitents in the Middle Ages.  It was an irritating garment designed to act as a constant reminder of sins and the need for contrition.  Follow me over to the clothes rack." I followed in a stupor. Automatically I pulled up on the red line painted several feet out from it.  Headmistress moved over to the pile of clothes Nurse Swan had brought in earlier. "Lean forward, arms out." She lifted up a thick, heavy, dull grey item and put it over my head.  Almost instantly I felt my skin start to tingle. "Stand up."  She turned me around and fastened the four buttons on the back of the neckline.  I couldn't believe how tight it was around his neck; it felt like a soft but weighted collar.  Within seconds its prickly surface began madly tormenting my closely shaved neck. 


She turned and picked up a pair of tights, thinner than the top but made from similar material. "Step into these." She pulled them up high over my waist and stomach and tucked the top into it.  On my aching bottom and thighs, through the gaps in the chastity device and over my waxed legs, I felt the tights start to tickle and rub against the tender skin.  And then the rest of my shaved and waxed body began to drive me mad. Thousands of little cloth hooks were tormenting me wildly - it was more maddening than any trail of ants could ever be.


She stood back to look at me.  "Raw, untreated hessian works very effectively as a hair-shirt I've always found." I badly needed to scratch myself but somehow resisted giving in to the desire.


She turned to the clothes rack and removed a long, white-lace, billowing petticoat, complete with elastic-banded waist.  "Step into this."  I was mortified but did as I was told and she pulled it up almost as high as the tights.


"Lean over again, arms out."  She turned around and picked up another one of the items Nurse had brought.  She rolled it down over me, ordered me to stand up, fitted it into shape around me then spun me around to button the garment up the back.  The sides had elastic fabric and attached ties which she pulled in as tight as they would go, looped them around the front and then did them up at the back.  With all these layers on, I now felt a delicious warmth come over my some odd way, it felt very comforting.  But then the itchiness took off again...  


Headmistress picked up the Mary Jane-style shoes from the top of the chest of draws and made her way over to the table where the plant specimens were.  She undid the lid of the jar with the pebbles in it, pinched some out and placed them in each shoe.  She walked back over to me.


"Shoes.  Then make your way over to the second line in front of the mirror." I put them on and made my way ungainly towards the line, the pebbles impeding my every step.  I lifted my head and sighed. I didn't need to be told what a pathetic sight I now made.  My shaved head was matched with a plain, long-sleeved, drab-grey dress uniform, tightly fitted around my waist and wrists.  It hung halfway between my knees and ankles. Below the hem I spotted the lace of the petticoat and below that, the grey tights.  Straight away I felt like scratching my legs.  Attached to the neck of the dress was a high, white, starched, winged collar.  It was so high and firm on my neck that I had no choice but to keep my head perfectly straight and erect.


Headmistress stood beside me, looking at my refection.  A broad smile broke across her face.  Behind her I could see Nurse packing away the clippers and tidying up around the long table. 


The smile broadened, "Now you're much better presented than when you first entered my room!" I blushed vividly and shifted my stance nervously.


"This will be your standard outfit during the day throughout your training.  You are expected to keep it neat and clean at all times and once a week Nurse will present you with a fresh one.  Your undergarments are, of course, designed to be uncomfortable and you will be wearing them or similar items for the entire six months.  For at least the first month you will wear similar undergarments to bed.  A well-fitted hood made from the same material will also be worn at night.  At no time are you permitted to scratch, rub or itch yourself.  Is that clear?"


"Yes Headmistress."


Headmistress now stepped over to a cabinet and opened a draw, removing a small, bright pink, laminated sign.  "Here."  I turned and picked my way over to her, my feet aching with each pebble-impeded step.  She placed the sign around my neck and pointed back to the yellow line in front of the mirror.  I hobbled back to the line and took in the deep pink words now displayed prominently across my chest:  I am a Disgusting Compulsive Masturbator.  My eyes began to fill with tears of humiliation again.


"You will wear this sign every day throughout your training program.  It is not to be removed without permission and must be hung straight at all times.  Is that clear?"


"Yes Headmistress," I managed to choke the words out.


She turned the sign over, exposing a small plastic sleeve with a notebook in it.  "This notebook is for staff to record any of your misdemeanors in.  I will then review the notes weekly and the two of us will then work on ways to improve your outlook and behaviour.  At no time are you permitted to remove or look at the notebook.  Is that clear?"


"Yes Headmistress."


She turned me around, leaned her arms around my chest, picked up the two ties on each bottom corner of the sign and then secured them together.  She turned me back around.  Through the mirror I watched Nurse Swan move over to the small table with the plant material on it and prop herself on its edge.      


"Now you're training regime certainly isn't restricted to just a few dress rules. First, your penile restraint. Every morning you will be fitted into it.  The fitting is to occur immediately after Nurse has inspected your nightly attire.  The device will remain on until bedtime.  When the device is removed each night Nurse will check that there are no polluting dribbles or smears on the device, penis or any underclothing you have been wearing."


"Second, each night you will be placed in a lockable nappy by Nurse.  Your hands will be fitted with restraints to prevent any haphazard or unnecessary movement by your hands towards the nappy.  You will also be fitted with torso and leg restraints to prevent you rolling onto your stomach and rubbing against the sheets. Each morning after the nappy is removed Nurse will inspect it to see that there are no polluting smears or dribbles on it."


"And to ensure you do not touch your penis, a member of staff will accompany and watch over you whenever you are showering, washing or going to the toilet.  Is this clear?"


"Yes Headmistress."


"Third, you will report to my office every Friday afternoon after classes finish for ritual punishment cleansing.  Punishments will vary every week and will eventually encompass most, if not all, of the implements, items and devices in this room.  Is that clear?"


I mumbled, "Yes Headmistress," through my tears.


"Fourth, you have forfeited participation in all sports, as well as any free time.  You will instead be occupied with a range of activities designed to reinforce proper thinking.  These will involve tasks such as washing, cleaning, scrubbing, ironing, polishing, sewing and other domestic-style duties.  At other times you will be given essays, lines and rules to write.  Is that clear?"


I sobbed and sobbed but somehow managed to utter the words she expected to hear.


"Yes Headmistress."


"Fifth, you are no longer permitted to speak to any fellow pupils.  At any time or in any setting.  Is that clear?"


"Yes Headmistress," I said now starting to feel the full weight of my dilemma.


"Six, when asked a question by a member of staff you are no longer permitted to address them by their title but will instead reply with a simple, 'Yes ma'am' or 'No ma'am'. If you are standing, and your hands are unoccupied, you are then expected to curtsey to the lady addressing you.  Is that clear?"


"Yes Headmistress."


Her nostrils flared and I quickly responded with, "Yes ma'am", while trying to curtsey.


"That is a very, very clumsy curtsey.  With your forefinger and thumb take hold of your dress on either side below the waist, pull the sides out and in the same action bring your right leg around in front of your left leg, then bend your knees and bow your head slightly to the left."


I tried doing as she said.  "Appalling!  Much too slow and deep.  It needs to be a short, shallow, subtle movement.  Now do it again."


I tried it again. "Hopeless!  Do it again."  She moved her head slowly from side to side in obvious disapproval. "Truly hopeless.  All right, bring the left leg over first and when you bow, turn your head slightly to the right.  Mmmm...we will have to work on these until it becomes automatic.  Now you bow to the left when replying, "Yes ma'am " and bow to the right when replying, "No ma'am".  Is that clear?"          


"Yes'am!" I said, before remembering to curtsey.  All this physical focus and movement had forced my tears to dry up.    


"That's twice now. And you forgot to bow your head to the left.  I assure you, you won't be looking forward to next Friday afternoon's corrections session." she said.


"Seven, when answering any member of staff, you are expected to respond with a lisp.  Just like a sissy.  Is that clear?"


A lisp!  Oh God... "Yeth, ma'am."


"You forgot to curtesy."


My shoulders slumped.


Headmistress went over to the wall and removed a three-foot cane.  "Bend over.  Touch your toes." She slowly lifted the skirt and petticoat over my bent form and carefully lowered the tights to just below my bottom.


 "Six strokes."  I heard her adjust her stance slightly. WHOOSH! The searing pain across my tortured buttocks caused me to gasp.


"What do you say?"


"Sorry Headmistress."


"That's another 12 strokes.  Six because you failed to lisp.  Six because you didn't address me correctly."


The cane broke across my rear terribly.


"What do you say?"


"I'm thorry ma'am."


The cane fell again. By the fifth, I was sobbing again. By the tenth, I was howling but it made no difference to the rhythm Headmistress kept up as she administered the caning.  Finally it was over.  But I dared not move.


Headmistress pulled the tights back up over my flaming bottom.  "Stand up."  She swished the cane around menacingly.    


"Eight. You are not permitted to leave the school building to go outside.  The only exception to this is when directed to by a member of staff, be it for training, punishment or other purposes.  Is that clear?"


"Yeth, ma'am," I replied, performing the correct curtseying movements. 


"Nine. For the next month you will spend each class sitting at the special desk.  Is that clear?"


Sitting at the special desk every class...oh no!  I'd already spent an entire week sitting like that as a consequence of my last act of self-abuse.  And just knowing there was one in this room made me apprehensive.  Without a doubt, sitting on a six-inch by two-inch hardwood block all day was one of the most painful experiences I'd ever endured. Again I replied and moved in the newly prescribed manner.   


"Ten. You are no longer permitted to eat any standard school meals.  Nurse will design a special diet for you, one that helps purify your body and mind.  All meals in the school dining room will be taken in a high chair.  Is that clear?"


"Yeth, ma'am," I replied, moving properly.


"Eleven. You will have all body hair below the neck shaved or waxed each fortnight by Nurse Swan. Each fortnight allows for a little regrowth to develop, thus adding to your skin discomforts.  Your facial and neck hair will be cleaned away daily in a manner determined by Nurse Swan.  She has quite a range of facial hair removal techniques she likes to apply.  Is that clear?"           


Again I replied and moved correctly.  In the mirror I caught the broad grin on Nurse Swan's face.  


"Last, but certainly not least, you will have your head shorn by Nurse Swan in front of the entire school assembly every Monday before classes commence.  Is that clear?"


I winced as I replied, "Yeth ma'am," and curtseyed.  I didn't want to look Nurse Swan's way.  


"Very good. And you would do well to remember that I dislike intensely repeating myself.  Is that clear?"


"Yeth ma'am," I said curtseying as directed.


"Now get the broom and brush out of the kitchen cupboard and sweep up any hair on the floor then place it in the bowl with the other shaved hair.  I don't want to find a single skerrick left behind."


I moved off, gathered the broom and brush and started sweeping.


She came and stood over me. "When you have finished, go and stand in the corner with your hands on your bald head and wait for me to return.  You have your first essay to undertake shortly." She smiled to herself, "it's titled 'Disgusting, compulsive behaviour needs modification.  Discuss, using relevant examples. Certainly topical don't you think?"


I answered slowly, "Yeth ma'am." And curtseyed.




She turned and walked onto the wooden platform and picked up the air conditioning remote control from the desktop.  "It's a bit chilly in here today."  She switched the device on and altered the settings.  "I think a pleasant 80 degrees should suffice for the rest of the afternoon."


She stepped off the platform and began walking from the room.  "Of course if I find any hair remaining on the floor then the temperature may have to go somewhat higher while you complete your essay." With a subtle tilt of her head she indicated to Nurse Swan to come with her.  


I lifted my gaze slightly and watched her black-stockinged legs and polished shoes depart the room.  She closed the door behind her.


I sighed heavily, stopped sweeping, leaned back on my haunches, ran a hand across my shaven scalp and closed my eyes.  "You are pathetic", I said aloud, before opening my eyes and taking in my appearance in the mirror.  The heavy garment under the dress was irritating my skin intensely, particularly around the neck.  So too was the high collar rubbing against my chin.  I went to ease the itch and adjust the collar but as my hand touched the dress I stopped.  "Not allowed."  I sighed again, slowly shook my head from side to side, and went back to my sweeping.


"I am pathetic..."


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