Request for Home Detention

So, you've been sent to me to request a Home Detention? You know full well that I will not tolerate any disobedience in my School. And I don't expect any argument. If your Form Mistress has placed you on Detention then you are obviously deserving of my wrath and a most onerous imposition to keep you occupied.

First fill out the Registration Form for Home Detention below. Once you have completed the form and pressed submit, you will be taken through to the Bursar’s office to pay your fees.

I require at least three (3) working days notice for ALL Detentions so that I may give you my full attention when setting your Detention.

Once I receive your completed Registration Form and fees I will consider very carefully a suitable punishment for you, based on the gravity of your offence and the class you committed the offence in, along with other factors as noted by you. Once I devise a suitable written imposition as your punishment I will email it to you on the morning of your appointed Detention along with strict instructions on how to complete your written imposition.

You will be required to post your completed assignment to me for marking, on the morning following your Detention.

You MUST be prepared to complete your punishment! Do NOT register for Home Detention if you do not intend to sit your punishment.

Registration Form For Home Detention  - FORM HDC 6B


Personal Details:





Form Mistress:

E-mail address:

Country you reside in:


Nearest City:

Who placed you on Detention?

Why were you placed on Detention?

What date/s are you required to attend Detention Class?

Will you be under supervision during your Detention?

Tick which class you committed the Offence in. (tick ONE class only)
*Please note that whatever you tick will determine the nature of the Assignment given to you.


English Language
English Literature
Domestic Science
Ancient History
Modern History

How much time has been allocated for your Detention?

* Select one suitable punishment from Option 1 or Option 2










* NB: To the right you will see the approximate time frame
required to complete your designated Option 2 Detention




      Option 1

One full night – minimum 7 hours
5 x consecutive nights – min 1 hour per night
5 x consecutive nights – min 5 hours per night
Full weekend – minimum 30 hours

Option 2
100 lines set over 1 week in your spare time.
500 lines set over 1 week in your spare time.
1000 lines set over 1 week in your spare time.

100 lines - 7 - 10 hours        

500 lines - 11 - 15 hours
1000 lines - 16 - 25 hours

 What have you to say now about your offence/s that caused you to be placed on Detention?:

Describe how you feel a strict Detention will help improve your behaviour




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