Mrs Birch, Disciplinarian

  Supervised Detention Class

If you've attended one or more of my personally supervised Detention classes you'll know firsthand just how cruel and demanding I can be!
The Detention desk

Perhaps you are in need of such a strict, old fashioned punishment, hmmm...? If so, and you find yourself booked to attend one of my personally supervised Detention classes, I suggest you steel yourself for a grueling experience. The day will begin with you presenting yourself at my door, freshly scrubbed from head to toe, immaculately dressed in school uniform, armed with school pencils, ruler, pens and writing material. You will not dare be late, otherwise you'll be hauled inside by the ear and bent straight over the stool for 6 of the best as punishment for your first mistake. 


Once across my threshold, you will be subjected to a strict uniform inspection and I warn you, it had better be perfect! After the inspection you may be placed in the corner with your hands on your head for a little contemplation before you begin your written imposition. Or you may be turned over my knee for a little spanking to warm your cheeks before you sit. In full view at all times will be an assortment of straps, paddles, hairbrush and canes laid out ready to punish hands and buttocks for every infraction or breach of Detention Rules. Make no bones, the day will be harsh and if warranted, the discipline severe. The imposition I will set for you to complete will be a serious punishment that will keep you well and truly occupied for hours on end. You will be pushed to your limits with one or more exceedingly monotonous tasks. Be warned! These are not frivolous exercises. You will not be set something of a titillating nature - these are traditional, onerous scholastic punishments.You may receive a copious quantity of written lines, a tract of a dull textbook to copy, a lengthy essay, or a difficult and tedious written exercise to complete.


All students attending personal Detention will be given a written imposition to complete, and will be subjected to my strict Rules and Regulations which will be enforced at all times throughout the Detention. When you have completed your written imposition I will check your work and award you accordingly. You may receive a gold star, a lengthy spanking or 6 of the best, depending on how well you have presented your work, and of course your behaviour throughout Detention.

Be warned, you may find yourself thoroughly spanked or caned and stood in the corner for part of your Detention if I think your behaviour warrants it especially if I catch you gazing out the window instead of working. And of course under my watchful eye, you'll have to be extra careful not to make a mistake as I will rip out the entire page and you'll have to start all over again.

Won't that be fun?

  • Personally supervised Detentions are a minimum of  3 hours long.
  • You may expect to be writing for at least 75% of the time spent in Detention.
  • Detention periods over 4 hours spanning lunchtime will include a hot lunch.
  • At least a week's notice is required for all personal Detention classes and a 50% deposit is required to secure your spot. 
  • Couples are welcome to attend.


For Online Detention Classes please visit my Online Detention page. 

   Fees for Supervised Detention- currency converter
3 hours - $700          4 hours - $900 

5 hours - $1100        6 hours - $1300         7 hours -  $1500

*Couples        - add $50 per hour