A Day In The Life of A Governess And Her Ward:

Public and Private Retribution

by Richard Edwards

Part 1:  A Public Retribution.


That morning after early lessons, Governess Helene Dupres had instructed her senior ward, Charles Richards, to join her for the short journey to the nearby town in order to purchase 'certain provisions' which she had in mind. Charles was nearing his eighteenth birthday, having been placed in the charge of Governess Dupres by his parents a year previously due to his low academic attainment and a persistent willful and stubborn nature, which had been a source of great disappointment to them. The Governess, a woman with an established reputation as a strict Victorian Disciplinarian, was responsible for overseeing a focused programme of re-education and character improvement for the young man.


As was her custom, and much to his continuing acute embarrassment given his years, the Governess had dressed him in his thick corduroy short trousers, along with his winter coat, and woolen scarf and gloves, as she did not wish him to catch a chill on that cold March day. The walk into town was pleasant, with Ms. Dupres making periodic conversation with Charles on the evident signs around them of the budding springtime. The charming local landscape on view had persuaded the Governess to inform Charles that she intended to devote their afternoon lesson together to an appreciation of nature through art, a prospect which met with the youth's approval and gratification. As was usually expected of him on such occasions, Charles walked slightly behind his Governess, while she, again to his embarrassment, led him by the hand, albeit struggling somewhat to keep up with her determined pace.


On entering the main street of the town, Ms. Dupres had Charles wait outside the chemist shop while she purchased some items of a personal nature. After completing these purchases, she led the young man next door into the small clothing shop. The shop's owner, a Ms. Johnson, was well known to Charles, as his Governess had on previous occasions ordered his clothes from her. She was an elegant, neat woman of middle years and a seamstress of renowned skill who was expert on advising Ms. Dupres on suitable clothing for her slim-built senior ward. After a private exchange of words between the two women, the seamstress proceeded to size her measuring tape around Charles's waist and along the length of his upper leg calf. 


"Yes, Ms. Dupres, I believe the satin short trousers will be just right for those special occasions you mentioned. I will have the three pairs made up in the colors which you requested. I will deliver them to your cottage later this afternoon - along with the young man's six pairs of lace underwear," said Ms. Johnson. Charles was wholly mortified to hear these words from the seamstress; after all, he had secretly hoped that his Governess would progress him to wearing long trousers given his approaching adult status, but it was the reference to the lace underwear that had unnerved him the most. He caught the eye of Ms. Dupres with a beseeching look, but she treated him with complete indifference. Charles felt humiliated by this incident and was visibly upset as he left the seamstress' shop with his Governess.  However, he was too stunned to think of questioning Ms. Dupres about her purchases. She, for her part, was far too experienced not to detect his obvious surliness, but had decided to herself that she would resolve the matter later at an appropriate time and in the appropriate manner.


Further along the main street, at the corner, was a large haberdashery shop run by a Mr. Thompson. Charles had never been to this particular shop before, but he noticed that Ms. Dupres was quite at ease in the shop's surroundings and had immediately entered into easy conversation with the owner, indicating to Charles that the two were acquaintances. Charles was instructed by his Governess to sit quietly on the bench in the shop corner until she had completed her transactions. A number of other customers, principally women, were also present in the shop at this time of the mid-morning.


After a few moments conversation with Ms. Dupres, Mr. Thompson went out to the rear of his shop where Charles surmised he kept his supplies. The Governess continued facing towards the counter away from Charles. He noticed that she had taken off her doe-skinned gloves while waiting for Mr. Thompson to return. He was yet again, as on numerous other public occasions together, struck by the singular beauty and graceful deportment of his Governess. After what seemed like an interminable period of time to Charles, Mr. Thompson eventually appeared with a long, thin box wrapped in brown covering paper with postage marks on the front. He began to unwrap the paper for his elegant female customer. The box was of plain white cardboard material and sealed with a lid which Mr. Thompson removed before proceeding to take out a series of objects wrapped in very fine crease paper.


Ms. Dupres carefully unfolded the crease paper to view the first of the implements which she had ordered from Mr. Thompson the month previously. Instantly, Charles was filled with horror as he saw his Governess lovingly fondle a new black strap of some eighteen inches length and approximately two inches depth. Ms. Dupres momentarily glanced over her shoulder to catch Charles's look of total disbelief. 


However, worse was soon to follow for the young man as the Governess slowly unwrapped the crease paper from a second object to reveal a wide, round, perforated paddle with a wooden handle. She moved the wicked looking implement close to her face, so as to more intimately take in the pungent aroma of its fresh leather. Next, his Governess unfolded a short, soft leather strap of a type which Charles had seen only once before in his childhood years and knew to be called a 'spanker'. By now, he was totally fearful and demoralized at the sight of these awesome implements of punishment. 


Just when he thought the horrendous transactions were completed, Mr. Thompson came from the back room with a set of three hooked rattan canes of varying lengths, each one wrapped in a fresh blue ribbon. At this awesome sight, Charles almost wet himself with shock and terror. He looked on uncomprehending as his Governess took the longest of the rattan canes in her hands, which was called a dragon cane, undid the ribbon, flexed the cane for its pliability and then dramatically whooshed it through the air a number of times in front of the shop's amazed customers. 


Charles, his pent up emotion and tension of the morning finally spilling over, lost total control of himself and screamed at Ms. Dupres: "Why are you buying those horrid implements, Governess? You have no right to! I do not deserve to have these punishment materials bought for me at my age. I cannot allow it... I will not allow it...it is simply not fair! Please! I beg you, Ma'am. Please!!"


Without further ado, Ms. Dupres, her face visibly crimson with anger, marched over to where Charles was sitting on the bench, raised the young man's chin with her left hand to ensure his face was raised towards her and, without any warning, slapped the boy  across his cheek with her right hand, which almost spun her ward's head around on his shoulders with the sheer force of their execution. Reeling in total shock, Charles was now reduced to the helpless state which she required for her next move.


Forcing Charles by the arm upright to his feet and, seating herself in an erect fashion on the bench, Ms. Dupres quickly turned the lad over her knees before he had even realized what was happening to him. She lifted his coat right over his back, so that it almost covered his head, and expertly undid his trouser buttons before lowering the trousers around his ankles. Then, showing scant regard for her ward's little remaining modesty and dignity, she yanked his cotton white underpants down to his knees, before commencing to administer a thoroughly sound spanking to his exposed bare bottom. The only sounds to be heard in the entire shop were those of the rapid and methodical hand strokes of the irate Ms. Dupres on Charles' increasingly reddening posterior. This was matched by the youth's initial whimpering cries followed, as the ferocity of the spanking increased, by his entreaties for clemency and forgiveness, which proved utterly futile in the face of his resolute Governess. 


When Ms. Dupres had finally decided to bring the errant youth's public chastisement to an end (which for Charles had seemed like an eternity), she quickly re-dressed him and forcibly led him by the hand to the counter. After making payment to Mr. Thompson for the implements, she instructed that they be delivered to the cottage as soon as possible that very afternoon. As the still visibly angry Ms. Dupres left the shop with her shamed ward in toe, it was apparent to the bemused, but impressed, female customers that the Governess's purchases would soon be put to very good use indeed!


Emerging from the haberdashery shop, Charles was conscious that his silent, but determined, Governess was leading him by the hand in another direction home from whence they came earlier that morning. Turning left at the top of the town square, Ms. Dupres and her ward entered the small park which contained a recently-opened playground area that was proving a very popular attraction with the town's residents.  The playground was full of mothers with their youngsters, as well as a class of students from the local school under the supervision of their female teacher.


In the centre of the playground, amidst the array of sand pits, swings and climbing castles, was an elevated stand of vintage design from which the town brass band played every Sunday morning. With obvious intent, Ms. Dupres walked through the crowded play area and brought Charles to the very front of the band platform. Without further delay, and in a raised voice which attracted the attention of those adjacent, she began to severely admonish the youth for his previous aberrant behaviour.


"How dare you misbehave in such an insolent and disobedient fashion in the haberdashery shop, Charles. Nor should you think that your surly attitude in the clothes shop went unnoticed. You have been an extremely naughty young man! Do you hear me? You have disgraced yourself and deserve to be treated accordingly as the wicked lad you are!"


With that, Ms. Dupres, having quickly captured the attention of everyone with this very public reprimand of her ward, turned him fully around so that his back was facing the onlookers. She then bent over purposefully, pinning her left arm firmly around Charles's waist so that he was unable to move and, pulling the seat of his trousers upwards to expose as much of the back of his smooth, white legs as possible, she proceeded to apply her gloved right hand in a series of high-arched, strong, smart smacks to each of his bare legs in succession.


"You have been a very (SMACK) naughty (SMACK) young man (SMACK). Just wait (SMACK) until I get (SMACK) you home (SMACK). I will teach (SMACK) you a lesson (SMACK) that you will never (SMACK) forget (SMACK). You are to be punished (SMACK) severely (SMACK), Charles. Do (SMACK) you (SMACK) understand? (SMACK) You have been very (SMACK), very naughty! (SMACK) You will come home (SMACK) with me this very (SMACK) instant (SMACK), Charles. Do you hear (SMACK)? Come along (SMACK) and don't you dare (SMACK) dally (SMACK), my lad!"


Charles went puce with the sheer embarrassment of his Governess's second public chastisement. He was so choked with shame that he was unable to cry out from the stinging pain he felt in his legs. However, the copious tears, now so uncontrollably flowing down Charles's cheeks, were ample proof to everyone watching how thoroughly  pitiful was the plight of this recalcitrant youth who was so evidently under the absolute authority of his strict and unremitting Governess.


Leading him by the hand through the thronged crowd and out of the playground gate, Ms. Dupres marched her young ward along the road home to the cottage without a single word being spoken by her. Finally, as they rounded the last bend in the road to see the cottage appear before them, she abruptly took the bewildered young man by his left ear-lobe, already having clearly mapped out in her mind during the journey home the precise schedule of painful punishments and exquisite humiliations she intended to inflict on him. As they came through the wooden garden gate of the cottage, there on the doorstep were two neatly wrapped parcels that Charles warily surmised were the purchased goods of his Governess which, as earlier arranged, had been delivered by Ms. Johnson and Mr. Thompson.


As the door of the cottage was opened by the Governess, Charles remorsefully concluded, if he was already in any doubt, that the lesson which Ms. Dupres had planned for him earlier that fateful morning would be very, very different to the one he was now about to receive!



Part 2:  A Private Retribution.


After abruptly divesting her senior ward of his coat in the hallway, the Governess ordered the youth to his room with instructions to shower, change into his regular school uniform and report promptly to the study room on hearing the bell. In great trepidation, Charles climbed the stairs to his room and, after washing, quickly changed into his uniform, making sure that he put on a clean white vest, underpants and knee-length socks, as was the standard requirement of Ms. Dupres in preparation for any impending punishment. It seemed that an awfully long period of time had elapsed before the bell was rung, thus providing Charles with ample opportunity to reflect on the day's sorry events and their imminent consequences for him. 


With the sudden sound of the bell, the youth was jolted out of his reflections and quickly left his room, descended the stairs and nervously knocked three times on the wooden door of the study room. After a suitable interval, he heard the voice of his Governess summon him to enter. Ms. Dupres was seated upright at her desk, having herself bathed and changed into fresh clothing. Charles noted with admiration her carefully selected attire of immaculate starched white blouse with its high stiff collar and puffed sleeves, pencil thin, knee-length black skirt, flesh-colored, back-seamed stockings and high-heeled black shoes - a truly imperious look that was completed by her neat neck choker, thin spectacles and her fine chestnut hair brought up in a tight bun. 


"Come here this instant, you naught fellow, and kneel beside me as I write," ordered the Governess. Charles did so immediately and noticed that Ms. Dupres was filling out the Misdemeanor and Punishment Log Book she habitually maintained as part of his training and discipline regime, no doubt in respect of the various offences he had committed that day. As she carefully applied her beautiful hand script to the braid covered Log Book, the youth, still kneeling abjectly in silence, cautiously cast his eye across to the right hand column of the page which he knew, from previous experience, was for detailing the due punishments decreed for his misconduct. With a growing sense of dread, Charles noted that his Governess seemed to be compiling a long list of punishments which, frustratingly, because of his rather poor eyesight, he was unable to read. 


Finally, Ms. Dupres rose from her seat and stood over the still-kneeling youth. "I have no need to remind you, Charles, of your absolutely despicable behaviour this morning in the clothing and haberdashery shops in the town. Despite your age and assumed common sense, you disgraced yourself and me, your Governess, in front of everyone. For this, you are to be severely punished." Then reading aloud from the Log Book, Ms. Dupres stated in a clear and formal voice:


"We shall commence with a 6 x 6 hand-strapping and then proceed to an over-the-knee gloved hand-spanking on your bare bottom, which will be followed by another over the knee session with the new spanker. After this, we will return to another 6 x 6 hand-strapping, this time 'tennis-style' and using the new long leather strap which Mr. Thompson has also conveniently delivered. You will then be mounted on the horse for a 6 x 4 session of the new senior cane, young man, which I know you greatly fear. Finally, your punishment will be concluded with a sound birching!" Charles was utterly devastated on hearing this cruel declaration of his Governess's intent and his head sunk dejectedly into his chest in resignation of his fate.


Ms. Dupres instructed Charles to stand facing into the corner of the study room with his hands on top of his head, as she busily went about her preparations. The sound of the Governess' heels on the old oak timber floor as she moved about seemed to greatly add to the intensity of the occasion for the lad.


Finally, he heard Ms. Dupres summon him over to her as she stood by the study desk and ordered him to kneel before her. (He was a very tall youth, with his Governess being somewhat smaller in stature). She then lifted the desk drawer to take out her well-worn, brown leather strap, which had twin-split ends and which had been given to her as a graduation gift by her old Governess Teacher. Firmly taking hold of his right wrist, she ordered him to keep his arm out straight, raise his hand high and count each stroke while thanking her. The sound of the first stroke filled the room in a loud echo as the strap cracked down fiercely on his open palm. Charles almost forgot to count the stroke and to thank his Governess - a failure to do so which, he knew to his cost, would result in extras! After the sixth crushing stroke, Ms. Dupres paused briefly, as was her practice, to come down to the lad's level, to rub his hair and to let him kiss either her hand or the implement of his punishment, almost in a loving maternal manner. 


Thus it was for the five remaining sets of six strokes (three sets on each hand in total), after which Charles slumped back onto his heels, holding his burning hands under his armpits and seeking in vain some modicum of comfort. He was then instructed to stand again in the corner, this time with his hands opened out before him so that he could see the reddened palms, as well as feel their lingering pain.


Ms. Dupres' desk and chair were placed on a raised dais in the study room which seemed to give a heightened elevation to her natural authority. The Governess pulled the chair well clear of the desk and seated herself upright, while carefully adjusting her skirt. She then extracted from her skirt pocket, her two dove-skinned gloves into which she neatly enwrapped her fingers. Ordering the young man to come to her, she slowly undid his belt and lowered his short, flaxen, grey trousers to his ankles. Suggestively hitching her skirt to reveal her glorious mid-thighs, Ms. Dupres looked deep into Charles's eyes for what seemed a long period of time and then uttered the refrain with which he was all too familiar from such occasions in the past: "Assume the position!"


The feeling of being put over his Governess's knees for a spanking was one of the most cherished and exquisite moments for Charles in his punishment regime - not least because of the sensuous experience of coming into almost direct contact with his Governess's suspender belts which he knew she was very fond of wearing under precisely these circumstances. After ensuring her charge was settled, she lifted the tail of his shirt over his back and slowly raised the elastic of his underpants for a number of seconds before yanking them down to her favored preliminary mid-thigh position. She then carefully massaged his bottom cheeks for a period, which had the effect of lulling the youth into a false sense of security. This was suddenly shattered with the first sharp smack of her raised gloved-hand hitting his bottom cheek, each one alternated in a rhythmical volley of blows which were executed in a rapid fashion and without any hesitation or mercy shown. 


Although the lad striven to show his manliness by staying silent for the first minute or so, his resolve quickly weakened and he began to blubber. This was the signal for Ms. Dupres to again yank his underpants - this time to his knees. As the blows descended, Charles's legs started to lift from the floor and to flay about. To restrict the movement of her ward's legs, the experienced Ms. Dupres pulled his underpants to their ultimate position around his ankles. After a number of minutes had passed, the Governess finally heard him beginning to cry, but she knew full well from previous experience not to be deflected from her task since Charles was want to precipitate sobbing in the hope of an early termination of his spanking. Ms. Dupres ruthlessly continued to spank him through his tears until, finally, she was convinced that his crying was in earnest and she ceased the first phase of her spanking and removed her gloves. Charles was allowed to fall onto his knees, rubbing his bottom, while his Governess hugged him and kissed away his tears in a touching gesture of love for her ward.


Without emotion, however, Ms. Dupres suddenly rose from her seat and went over to where the parcel was on the study table to reveal the small, but sturdy new 'spanker' and, then re-seating herself, she instructed Charles to once again come over her lap. This time, not needing any preparations, she methodically applied the spanker to the lad's bare bottom, delivering the strokes in a slow but deliberate fashion, totaling 40 in number, after which a bawling Charles rolled off his Governess's knees in a huddle, clutching his raw buttocks with his hands. Helping the young man to his feet, Ms. Dupres then put him sitting on her lap like a little one, and while caressing his warmed bottom and endowing him with her hugs and kisses, she gently reassured him of her enduring love despite her need to have to discipline him severely. 


The Governess then made him stand upright and helped him quickly walk over to the corner, shaming him further by forcing him to do a 'trouser-shuffle' as he went. Despite Ms. Dupres' support, Charles could not help but stumble over himself, with his trousers and underpants tugged down around his ankles as he walked. In facing him towards the wall, the Governess ensured that his shirt tail was tied up behind his back, thereby exposing his well-spanked bottom for her inspection and pleasure.


By this stage, Charles's breathing was rather labored and irregular, so his Governess left him for some time on his own in the corner to repose himself, while she sat at her study desk. After five minutes or so, Ms. Dupres rose and went over to the parcel and, unwrapping the fine crease paper, took out the brand new 18 inch black leather strap from the box. She admired its texture and sheen, as she lovingly caressed the instrument across her open palm. 


The Governess had decided that the punishment regime was now moving into a more formal phase and, instructing Charles to turn around and face her, she donned her black gown and mortar in a highly ritualised gesture. She then stood in the middle of the dais and spread her legs apart to give her better balance for the tennis-style hand-strapping of her ward which was to follow. In truth, this was one of the Governess's favorite postures, as it reinforced in her a feeling of complete authority, not only in her social position, but also in its physical manifestation.


Calmly, she ordered Charles to pull up his underpants and trousers and to come over and kneel before her with his right hand held out upright before him and supported underneath by his left hand. She stood back in a measured fashion from her kneeling charge, while maintaining her open-legged posture. Then, menacingly, she raised the new strap in her right hand as high as possible above her head, while holding its tip with the fingers of her free left hand. She maintained this poise for a number of seconds, ensuring that she caught the lad's frightened look in his eyes, as he waited in trepidation for the springing of the first stroke. For Charles, this Governess was truly an awesome sight of power and control! When the stroke was unleashed, he almost buckled over with the excruciating pain, but was immediately pulled out of his self-absorption with the command: "Change hands, you naughty young man!  And as you did not count the stroke or thank me for it, we shall start again." 


After the first set of six strokes in this dramatic style, when Charles was convulsed in terrible pain, his Governess came over to him to offer her comforting maternal gestures of hugs and kisses. After a short period of respite, Ms. Dupres returned to her position and again raised her strap high to commence the second set of six strokes, and so it continued until the final sixth set was delivered, by which time Charles was utterly incapable of saying a solitary word due to his singularly distressed state. After this ferocious strapping, Ms. Dupres was especially mindful to provide the poor lad with a final comforting session which included taking him close to her breasts and allowing him to fully exhaust what was left of his tears.


Charles had to be physically assisted by his Governess to the corner where she decided it would be best to leave him for fifteen minutes to recover on his own. Before doing so, however, she extracted from the study cupboard a small slate board, complete with golden thread which she used to hang the board around her ward's neck. Written on the board, to Charles' great consternation and humiliation, were the ominous words:"TO BE CANED AND BIRCHED!" The Governess was inwardly very pleased with this rather theatrical gesture which she felt heightened further the pathos of the overall punishment scenario that was so obviously under her complete control and manipulation.


Then, thoughtfully, Ms. Dupres placed a glass of chilled water beside Charles which she gave him permission to drink and left the study for some light refreshments in the kitchen. As she sat at the kitchen table drinking a welcome glass of milk, the Governess felt a profound sense of satisfaction with the execution of her punishment regime and the beneficial effect she was sure it was having on her senior ward. She calmly composed herself, carefully thinking through her strategy for the final punishment phase of the cane and the birch. She was all too aware that Charles had a dreaded fear of the cane and for this reason, she had used it sparingly on the lad to date, but it was now time to bring him to a new level of experience with this Queen of instruments. As for the birch, the Governess had never applied it to Charles before, but she was very clear in her mind on the new stage of his discipline and training regime which she would introduce to ensure his complete subordination to her absolute will and authority.


On returning to the study, she found Charles standing in the corner slightly calmer, although she noted that he continued to sob from time to time. Taking out the new hooked senior cane from the parcel, she went over to the young man, ordered him to extend his palms open and then laid the cane flat across them for him to contemplate on. Going to the far corner of the room, she then wheeled over the wooden horse with its soft leather covering to the centre of the room, making sure that it faced the central wall mirror which was almost from floor to ceiling in height. 


Standing by the horse, she summoned Charles to bring the cane to her. Taking off his neck board, she then removed his trousers totally, as they would serve no useful purpose for what was to ensue. Flexing the new dreaded cane in her hands, she then proceeded to lecture her ward in a severe voice as to his aberrant behaviour in the town that morning and decreeing that he was to receive 24 strokes of the cane which she marked up on the study blackboard in four sets of six. This, Ms. Dupres knew, was the highest number of caning strokes Charles had received from her and she noted the sheer look of terror in the lad's pale face on hearing his punishment sentence. Without further ado, she ordered the young man onto the horse, facing him lengthways along it, and strapping him down by the hands, waist and legs, certain in the knowledge that such restraints would be necessary. She then came behind him to slowly remove his underpants down to his knees.


Taking up the cane in her right hand, she walked to the front of the horse and, holding out the instrument before him at eye level, she instructed her ward to kiss the implement of his punishment along its full length from handle to tip. She then walked back behind him, measured the distance for her swing and proceeded to execute a number of air shots with the cane whose whistled sounds completely undermined whatever little resolve the petrified ward had left. As was the norm, Ms, Dupres ordered Charles to count the strokes and to thank her. After a few preliminary taps of the cane on the centre area of his raised bottom, the frightened youth was moved to clench his buttocks in protection, but was reproached angrily by Ms. Dupres that to do so again would earn two extra strokes for each clenching incident.


Ms. Dupres released the first stroke of her cane, carefully aimed at his lower bottom area which had the effect of making Charles almost jump out of his restraints with its force.  She continued to play out the first set of six strokes, aiming the remaining five around his centre bottom area. On completion of the first set, the Governess walked to the blackboard and drew a line through the first set of six chalk marks. By the completion of the second set, Charles was crying out his resistance, but Ms. Dupres ignored him as she lined through the second notch on the blackboard. 


With the third set, the Governess decided to take over responsibility for the counting due to her ward's obvious distress, but still requiring him to thank her. By its end, Charles was begging for mercy from his Governess, but to no avail. After chalking through the third notch, she did remember to take a short period of time to take his, by now, sweaty hair out of his eyes and to kiss him tenderly on his cheeks, exhorting him that the application of the cane was for his own good and how it pained her to have to use it on him so severely, but it that it was her moral duty as his Governess to correct his misbehavior in preparation for full adulthood. Intermittently, the Governess had, between strokes over the first three sets, bent over and seductively blown her cool breath over the area of Charles' chastened posterior, which had a peculiarly soothing and erotic effect on the youth. However, Ms. Dupres decided to administer the final set with added ferocity in order to bring her ward to the culmination of his pain and humiliation. Charles was wholly broken by this last fierce assault.


Having chalked through the final notch of four on the blackboard, she again held the cane out front for Charles to pay homage to the instrument of his punishment with his kisses and tears. Before releasing him from his restraints, Ms. Dupres spent some time rubbing his afflicted bottom gently with her hands, including the inside of his upper thighs. This had a steadily calming effect on the youth, helping him slowly to come down from the height of the physical threshold of his pain. On restoring his self-composure, Charles was led by his Governess once again to the corner of the study room facing the wall.


The Governess had decided at her kitchen repast that the final birching session with her charge should be executed in tandem with the initiation of his new sissification regime. She had previously placed a long stout birch in a bucket of brine in the study cupboard. Ms. Dupres left the study to fetch a girl's navy pinafore uniform which she had especially purchased some weeks back for just such a scenario, along with a blond wig from her wardrobe. On re-entering the study, she opened the parcel from Ms. Johnson and picked out one of the new pair of frilly white knickers. Seating herself on the study chair, she ordered Charles to come to her and quickly detrussed him of his trousers and underpants. 


Without speaking a word, the Governess then made the youth step into the frilly knickers, the sight of which mortified him with feelings of shame and humiliation. She completed his sissification with the putting on of the girl's pinafore, the skirt of which came just below his knees, and with the placing of the wig which was a perfect fit and color for his complexion. Ms. Dupres instructed 'Charlotte' to walk up and down in front of her, so that she could more easily observe his posture and gait. She also ordered him to courtesy to her, which he did with surprising finesse. The Governess was quietly pleased at how graceful a figure Charlotte presented in his charming apparel. She was convinced that, under her own expert guidance, he could be formed into a very pretty satin sissy indeed.


The Governess was now completely focused on the final stage of Charlotte's punishment. As this was to be the lad's first experience of the birch, she opted for a maternal rather than judicial-style birching, and so removed her gown and mortar. Ms. Dupres rose from her chair and ordered Charlotte to kneel on the left side of the seat of his school desk, whereupon she pulled up his skirt and tucked it in high about his waist. Again, she had ensured that the school desk was facing the centre wall mirror so that Charlotte would have a clear view of what was soon to unfold. On the count of three, the Governess instructed the apprehensive youth to bend forward right over his desk. Standing behind him, she proceeded to delicately pull his frillies down to his knees.


Ms. Dupres then went to the cupboard to fetch the ripened birch, making sure, as always, that her determined footsteps on the wooden floor heightened the overall sense of anticipation and tension for Charlotte. The young man's eyes opened wide in disbelief on seeing the ferocity of this next and final instrument of his punishment at the hands of his strict Victorian Disciplinarian. 


Moving front on to the right side of the desk, Ms. Dupres placed her left arm right under Charlotte's waist so as to ensure that his bottom was poised high at the very best possible angle for the application of the birch, almost lifting his knees off the desk seat in the process. Then, spreading her legs astride to maximize her balance, the Governess raised the birch high above her head in readiness. This awesome image of his Governess in dramatic punishment mode, as reflected in the mirror before him, was to be forever etched in the youth's mind. For her part, the Governess had a policy of never determining in advance the number of strokes to be applied in the case of the birch, since truly this was a classic instrument which was best wholly spent until its natural character and texture had physically deteriorated beyond the point of effective use by the impact of the brutal beating to be administered. It was then that Charles / Charlotte heard the dreaded annunciation: "Prepare yourself to receive the gift of the birch, you wicked young man!..."

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