Mrs Birch, Disciplinarian

  Severe, Ultra Severe and No Mercy Sessions
Need something a little more than mild to medium intensity? Some of my favourite kinds of sessions include the delivery of severe and ultra severe corporal punishment, particularly if it involves caning. As an experienced practitioner I assure you, no level of intensity is too severe for me.
100 severe strokes

Naturally my collection of canes include severe Victorian, Dragon, Whangee, Singapore Prison punishment and bamboo, as well as a nasty selection of implements made of wood, leather, delrin, rubber composite and other synthetics.

A particular favourite of mine is the 'No Mercy' session. If you request such a session I guarantee that I will deliver a 'No Mercy' punishment and I will not stop until I am satisfied I have delivered a punishment that was previously agreed upon by you prior to the session commencing. 

Severe, Ultra severe and No Mercy style sessions are offered to experienced players only. On that note, an in depth discussion will always precede your session, so that I can gain a greater understanding of your needs and ultimate desired outcome from the session. Our discussion will enable you to gain more confidence in me by giving you a better idea of what to expect throughout your session. Unless of course, you like surprises...


Please note, if you request a 'No Mercy style' session, there is no password. Once we begin, the session is over when I say it's over.


   Fees in AUD for Severe and Ultra Severe Sessions

1 hour           - $400         90 minutes   - $600    Severe Sessions  
1 hour           - $500         90 minutes   - $750    Ultra Severe Sessions