A Day in the Life of Sissy Karen


by Sissy Karen

The alarm sounded at 6am and I rose out of bed promptly. My days of lying in past the first alarm were officially over. As I jumped out of bed I recalled vividly the one and only time I made the mistake of lying in past the alarm. I had hit the snooze button, thinking I could be quicker dressing therefore affording me extra time beneath the covers. I couldn't have been more wrong. I was awoken suddenly out of my peaceful morning slumber by the breath taking sensation of icy water cascading over my head causing me to jump out of bed quick smart! It was a dreadful shock and an awful awakening to say the least. The sight of my Mistress looking very cross, jug poised ready for more of the same, had me bitterly regretting my folly. Nowadays when the alarm sounds, the memory of that experience floods my waking thoughts, prodding me straight out of bed and into the shower.

Speaking of which, I also have strict instructions for showering. I am allowed a 3-minute shower, of which 15 seconds is allocated to the washing of 'little clitty'. Once I've showered I dress very carefully in the precise manner I've been instructed to do. My uniform consists of a corset, black suspender belt, black seamed stockings, black patent leather high heels polished to perfection, white starched petticoat, satin rumba panties and a crisply ironed black and white French maid's uniform. The dress is quite short offering a glimpse of my thighs when I bend over which I must confess, love. The uniform is completed when I put on my glorious red bob wig and snow-white maid's cap. I have been trained to put every item on in a prescribed way and perform a final check in the mirror to make sure everything is perfect before beginning my chores.

My first chore before serving breakfast is always to attend to the laundry. Today there was a load of washing to hang out that was done last night, another load to put in the machine and a small basket of Mistress's smalls and delicates that needed to be hand washed. It was going to be a busy morning and my sissy heart was all a flutter with excitement!

At 7:30am I stopped the laundry and began to prepare Mistress's usual breakfast consisting of an assortment of fresh sliced fruit and berries in season, a bowl of her favourite yoghurt and freshly percolated coffee. As soon as I had put the coffee on to percolate I ran to fetch the newspaper from the front lawn. Once everything was ready I carefully arranged the items on a serving tray, along with a single orchid placed in a vase as a finishing touch and proceeded to Her bedroom. At exactly 8:00am I knocked on Her door as I'd been instructed to do, and waited for Her permission to enter. Finally after 3 agonising minutes I heard Mistress call out and I opened the door to find Her sitting up in bed, already working on Her laptop. "Thank you Karen, put the tray down on the bed please". I did as She instructed, then curtsied before standing with head bowed ready for inspection. "Turn around Karen," She ordered sharply. "There is a ladder in your left stocking. You have not brushed the back of your wig properly and the seam in your right stocking is not perfectly straight". She did not sound at all pleased and I shivered with nervousness. "I'm sorry Mistress", I offered meekly.

"Well it's simply not good enough Karen. After you run my bath, you will go and fix your appearance and do not present yourself looking like that again. You may call me when my bath is ready, then I want you back here to make my bed, then return the breakfast tray to the kitchen! After that you will take yourself into the study and wait in the corner with your nose touching the wall, understand?"

"Yes Mistress" I replied unhappily. The morning was not off to a good start.

"Well? What are you waiting for Karen, better days? Off you go!"

I hurried from the room in a nervous twitter, going through the instructions once more in my mind terrified I'd forget something. Part of my training involves learning attentiveness, so Mistress deliberately gives me a string of instructions all at once to see how well I am listening. It's very nerve wracking!   

As fast as I could move without sprinting I scurried down the hall towards the bathroom to run the bath, then I quickly changed my stockings, brushed my wig perfectly, returned to the bathroom and made sure the temperature and the depth of the water were to Mistress's specific requirements. I returned and knocked on Her door, feeling very anxious. Mistress opened the door looking magnificent in Her bathrobe and swept passed me on Her way to the bathroom. As soon as She left I hurried in to make the bed, and returned the breakfast tray to the kitchen before hastening to the study to get into position. It is always a terrifying ordeal waiting in the corner for punishment, but today was going to be an even bigger ordeal, as Mistress had only just gone into the bathroom, leaving me to tremble in fear, the tension mounting while I waited.

I have learned to wait patiently no matter how long I am left standing. I know that if I show any signs of impatience Mistress will leave me standing in that position for hours on end, totally ignoring me, as punishment for my impatience. Once was enough to instill that lesson! Finally after what seemed an eternity I was filled with dread as I heard Her walking down the hall to the study. As She entered the room I heard the dreaded swishing of the cane, the noise sending chills racing down my swine.

"Step back from the wall, pull down your panties, lift up your dress and bend over!"

I obeyed in an instant.

"You know I expect perfection Karen and this morning's effort was less than perfection. So let us see if 6 perfectly placed strokes across your buttocks can raise your standards!"

Swish! The first vicious sting landed with a hiss straight across my buttocks, then a moment later the pain intensified tenfold as the dreaded afterburn set in. "One, thank You Mistress" I replied, struggling to make my voice audible through the pain. The next stroke was considerably harder and caused an involuntary gasp and I quickly offered my false gratitude through gritted teeth. There was a longer wait before the next stroke and I knew that Mistress was deliberately allowing time for the pain to intensify. Swish! Swish! The next two came in quick succession. "Three thank You Mistress, Four thank You Mistress". A moment later the fifth, Swish! I gave a pained yelp as the stroke overlayed an earlier welt and stung like blue blazes. "Don't be such a sook Karen otherwise I'll give really you something to yelp about!" WHOOSH! The sixth cut was the hardest of the lot and as much as felt like crying out, I swallowed hard instead and clenched my teeth, sending up a silent prayer of thanks that at least this time there was no overlay. "Six thank You Mistress".

 "Right Karen, knickers up, straighten yourself and turn to face me."

I quickly tidied myself and curtsied painfully, feeling the tears stinging my eyes.

"Today I'm having lunch with my friend Sandra here at home. You'll be picking her up later this morning but first I'd like the main bathroom cleaned before you go. We'll be eating on the balcony and you will be making Sandra's favourite salmon pasta dish for us. When you go to pick up Sandra, I want you to pick up a bottle of white wine and some sparkling mineral water on the way. I'll let you know exactly what I want before you leave." 

"Yes Mistress".

"Off you go!"

I scurried off to fetch my rubber gloves and get stuck into cleaning the bathroom. I was very thorough making sure the glass shower screens and mirror were absolutely spotless as I knew that Mistress would undoubtedly inspect my work once I was finished. There'd be a repeat of this morning's punishment if Mistress found fault with my work. While I worked my thoughts were on Sandra and how much I was dreading having to get her and bring her back. Sandra loves to tease me and seems to take great pleasure in getting me into trouble. What makes it worse is that Mistress usually asks Sandra to deliver any punishments incurred whilst she's around and it's obvious she loves to give it!

By 11:30 I was getting pretty nervous. I was ready to leave to pick up Sandra but Mistress hadn't said anything about getting changed and I had learned not to be impertinent by asking. I knocked gingerly on the open door of the study where Mistress was working away on her laptop. "I'm ready to leave Mistress. Will there be anything else before I leave?"

Without looking up she replied, "No thank you Karen, that will be all. Hurry along, you don't want to keep Sandra waiting."

My mind was racing, surely She had forgotten I was still dressed as a sissy? Frantically I tried to think of something else to say to make Her look up and notice me dressed in my uniform. But my mind went blank and no words would come. The thought of driving out in public dressed as a sissy was horrifying. What if I was pulled over by the police for any reason...a breath test would be extremely embarrassing but God forbid if there was an accident or break down! 

"GO! Before I take a switch to the back of your knees Karen!"

The drive to Sandra's was filled with trepidation and I spent most of it praying I would not be pulled over by the police or have occasion to stop for any other reason than picking up the wine. Sandra lives in a busy part of town on a main street, so naturally her front door is in full view of passers by. By the time I arrived there was not a park anywhere close to her house which forced me to find a spot well past her place. Unfortunately that meant walking about 100 metres back along the busy street in full sissy attire to get to Sandra's. It took some doing before I was finally able to steel myself to get out of the car, and once I was out I walked very briskly, eyes down, focusing intently on the footpath just in front of my feet as I walked.

The distance from the car to Sandra's felt like ten times what it actually was and I was extremely glad when I finally knocked on her door. But true to form, Sandra made me wait at least 5 minutes before she deigned to respond. Waiting for her is so nerve wracking. How long do I wait before I knock again? I asked myself. If she hasn't heard the first knock and I knock again, she'll think I've arrived late, but if don't knock again, and she hasn't heard the first knock, I could be standing there for quite a while and she'll think I'm late and tell Mistress. But what I knocked again after about 3 minutes and she's heard the first knock? If it's too soon she will tell Mistress and I will be punished for being impatient. My sissy heart was pounding and I was becoming very nervous about my dilemma. This had happened to me before and I was punished severely for not knocking on her door on time. I actually had, but Sandra hadn't hear the first knock, or so she claimed!

Many people were walking by and I felt very self-conscious. Finally Sandra opened the door with a great flourish and in a very loud happy voice for all the passers by to hear chimed, "Hello Karen darling! Don't you look sweet today? I won't be a minute - just wait there." I cringed, not daring to turn away from the door. I'm sure she could see how embarrassed I felt and I'm even more certain that she deliberately intended to further humiliate me by closing the door again to leave me waiting longer on the porch in front of the passing parade.

When she re-emerged several minutes later I was by then completely flustered and not looking forward to the drive back, let alone the trip to the car. I could tell she was in one of her evil moods which never bode well for me. Once again, that loud voice just about burst into song as she descended the steps and floated onto the footpath with me in tow, trailing after her like a poodle on a lead. By the time we arrived at the car I was wishing the ground would open up and swallow me. The drive back was equally as humiliating. Sandra had loads of questions for me. She wanted to know what punishments I had received lately, what I had done to deserve them, how did I intend to improve my behaviour, what chores I had been doing, had I been doing them to the best of my ability, how long since I had last had sexual release. She had me trapped like a deer in the headlights firing questions at me left, right and centre. Everything personal and humiliating I had to tell her and any holding back on my part would be reported to Mistress.

After what seemed an eternity, we finally pulled into the drive and once parked, I leapt out quicksmart to open the car door for Sandra. She swept out of the car in grand style and headed for the front door where Mistress was waiting to greet her. After exchanging pleasantries they headed inside chatting happily as they strolled down the hall.

"You can serve our drinks on the deck Karen," called Mistress as they stepped onto the balcony.

"Yes Mistress."I replied and set about pouring the drinks, a white wine for Sandra, and a sparkling mineral water for Mistress. After I'd served them it was back to the kitchen to prepare lunch while the ladies chatted on the balcony.

Later during lunch the ladies chatted easily over their meal and to this point everything was swimming along without a hitch and I was beginning to relax a little. Towards the end of the lunch as I was clearing away the plates I overheard Mistress casually ask Sandra if I had been respectful when I picked her up. My heart froze. I knew I had been but that didn't necessarily mean Sandra was going to agree.

"Hmmm...let's see...was Karen respectful when she came to pick me up...," mused Sandra feigning deep contemplation. The little minx, surely she didn't need to think about it? "Well Jennifer, to tell you the truth, and I hate the idea of getting Karen into trouble, but she did show a little impatience by knocking on my door twice." I couldn't believe it! Sandra hadn't expressed the slightest bit of disappointment at any time when I came to pick her up, nor mention anything at all about me knocking twice, besides it had been at least three minutes before I knocked the second time. What if she had forgotten about the lunch? Was I expected to wait there all day?

"Karen, come in here now please!"

That was it, I was surely going to be punished now, basically for nothing more than Sandra's amusement. Reluctantly, I put down the plates and slunk back to face the ladies feeling very aggrieved. "Sandra has just told me all about your impatience and how you felt the need to knock repeatedly without giving Sandra time to get to the door after your first knock and let me tell you, I am not impressed. How dare you behave so impatiently! One knock would have been sufficient Karen. This isn't about your schedule. It's about looking after my guest. Perhaps you need a little reminder about the importance of patience Karen."

"But Mistress..."

"Be quiet Karen, I want you to go to the kitchen and grind up three of those fresh jalapeno chillies right now. When you are done pour the juice into a small bowl, place it on a tray then bring it back here please. You have 5 minutes exactly.".

I could see a big smirk cross Sandra's face, she knew what was coming and so did I. Oh how I hated her! But of course I didn't show it. Just a humble "Yes Mistress",  before retreating to the kitchen. When I returned with the chilli juice, the ladies went on chatting as if I was invisible, leaving me standing holding the tray for at least 5 minutes, sweating in fear.

"Now Karen I am very disappointed and highly unimpressed with your show of impatience and I want Sandra to know that your bad behaviour is not going to be tolerated. So on that basis I think it only fair that Sandra administer your punishment, to which she has so graciously agreed to carry out. You may thank Sandra, Karen".

"Thank you Sandra", I mumbled begrudgingly as I curtsied.

"I'm only too happy to do so Karen" replied Sandra smiling wide and stifling a giggle.

"Pull down your knickers Karen, lift up your dress and present yourself to Sandra please Karen.". 

I did as I was told and immediately Sandra's greedy eyes zeroed in on my groin and her eyes lit up. "Stroke Karen." I was mortified and I almost blurted out no please no, but I knew I could not refuse, no matter how humiliating this was and I began to stroke myself in front of the ladies. It did not take long for me to become aroused and harden. It had been 28 days since I had been allowed relief and it did not take long at all before I could feel myself nearing orgasm. Sandra dipped a spoon into the chilli juice and let it hover for a second, teasing me, before allowing the liquid to drizzle carelessly all over the head of 'little clitty'. She applied more and more, which filled me with cold dread. She began spooning the juice along the shaft and testicles as well, all the while keeping that smile on her face, every now and then looking directly into my eyes. It took about a minute before the effects of the chilli hit. The heat built up slowly, and before long I was in pure agony and 'little clitty' started to shrivel.

"Aww, don't you like Sandra playing with 'little clitty'?" she mocked cruelly, knowing full well that I was in extreme agony, and furthermore, if I dared say no, she would only double the torment. 

"Yes Sandra I do like it, it's just the heat..." My faced was contorted in agony and tears began to form in my eyes. Sandra was having a good laugh now.

"I think Karen may have learned her lesson Jennifer, what do you think?"

Mistress agreed heartily, then much to my horror, resumed her conversation with Sandra as if nothing at all out of the ordinary had happened, leaving me to writhe in agony not two feet away from them both. The intense searing pain continued for about 20 minutes more before it started to ease off during which time the ladies continued chatting happily, apparently oblivious to my demise, occasionally ordering me to "keep the noise down" if I cried out too loudly! Regrettably, I knew from experience the dull heat would be with me for hours more to come. 

When the initial pain had finally subsided and my wimpering had ceased Mistress curtly ordered me to get up and take myself out into the kitchen and prepare coffees for two, then back into the kitchen to finish the dishes.

Finally I was instructed to drive Sandra home around 4. It was always a tense time for me when Sandra visited. The longer she stayed, the more opportunity she had to torment me and accuse me of behaviour that caused me to be punished in some way.

The drive home to Sandra's was strangely uneventful. When we arrived at her place she said to come to the front door and wait there without moving while she got me a present. I waited patiently for what seemed like 15 minutes. Too scared to take a step in case she noticed. She returned saying, "I am glad you passed that test Karen, I would have hated to report another show of impatience to Jennifer. Here is a present for you Karen, I thought it might save you some time in the kitchen, don't use it for cooking now!" With that she gave me a bottle of Tabasco sauce and let out a sadistic laugh. I felt so humiliated but knew I must show gratitude. "Thank You Sandra, that is so kind of you".

On returning home, Mistress called me into Her office and admonished me pretty severely for my poor behaviour while Sandra was visiting. She mentioned that there had better be a big improvement in my attitude tomorrow otherwise I would be spending the following week in Sandra's employ and completely at her mercy!

After dinner I scurried off to bed as soon as I'd finished the washing up and was under the covers with lights out by curfew at 10:30pm precisely. The thought of spending a whole week at Sandra's mercy filled me with dread and guaranteed a fitful night's sleep!

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