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  Mrs Birch's Classic Spanking Literature 
Mrs Birch's Classic Spanking Literature is a collection of 8 Volumes each containing the very best classic tales of strict discipline and corporal punishment from the Class6b archives, along with stories from many fine authors of CP literature as well as 'student' essays and short stories.

The theme of the stories contained in each Volume naturally revolves around  scholastic, judicial and domestic style discipline including tales of chastity and petticoat punishment of the reluctant male.

Each Volume features 12 - 14 original, high quality stories of strict discipline, which in most cases are presented as ongoing chapters throughout the Volumes. In addition, each Volume includes several bonus short stories plus interesting articles and snippets for your amusement, totaling over 95,000 glorious words of spanking literature per Volume.

Volumes can be purchased singularly and in any order but its best to start at Volume 1.

Here's what some of my readers are saying:

"A sheer delight to read. Enjoyed Sister Bernice in 1st part...."

"Brilliantly written, a feeling of being there and being one of the sisters of Derek and scheming more problems for him!"

"It is so hard to choose favourites on this brilliant web site Mrs Birch has opened for our enjoyment."

"I just can’t help giggling at poor Brady’s woes. Having had much CP over the years, each thwack and cane cut reminds me of my need to be kept in check, but poor Brady does seem to have no chance of escape at all."

"Great reading, thank you Mrs Birch."

"This IS a great website and I feel over awed by the standard of writing"
"Excellent story, especially the use of the tawse most effectively as an educational tool.   Thank You for restoring my faith in good, strict and severe discipline and punishment Mrs Birch."

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