Mrs Birch, Disciplinarian

  Phone Discipline Sessions - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

I offer two types of phone experiences. The first is the classic phone discipline session, the perfect alternative if you're not able to make an appointment to see me in person.


As an experienced professional, I guarantee to bring to life your favourite spanking fantasy as my voice and my words become my implements of correction.  

I assure you, discipline is only ever a phone call away...


Alternatively, you may just want to talk to someone who really understands your need to be disciplined or you may simply want to chat about spanking and corporal punishment in general. Perhaps you are new to the spanking scene and want to find out more about it and what to expect before you make your first face to face appointment.


Maybe you have several spanking related questions that you'd like to ask and don't know where to find information about it or who to talk to. I can help.


Regardless of your level of experience, I welcome you to call me to openly discuss your spanking and corporal punishment related desires in an intelligent, non judgemental atmosphere.

When you're ready to arrange your call simply send me an email briefly outlining the scenario you'd like to enact during the call or subject you'd like to discuss, let me know how long you'd like your call for and
also give me several options as far as preferred times for your call. 

Arranging payment for a Phone Discipline or Chat Session

Payment of fees can be made via direct bank deposit or Paypal.


When you email or call to arrange a time for your phone session, you can let me know how you wish to pay for your call, and I'll provide instructions on how to proceed with your preferred payment method. Once you've prepaid your call, we can confirm a time for your call. 



Fees for Phone Discipline or Chat Sessions - Currency Converter

Fees in AUD  for Phone Discipline  
   15 minutes    - $55       30 minutes    - $110
   45 minutes    - $165     60 minutes    - $220