Mrs Birch, Disciplinarian

  Relive your Chalkdust Memories...
Mrs Jennifer Birch, Headmistress, selecting a nice swishy cane shouts, “BOY, kindly stand up and convey yourself smartly out to me and we shall soon find out, once you are across that front row desk, if your regard for me is all you say it is. Somehow I doubt it, but Madam Cane may be able to elicit if you are truly sincere my lad!”
You come out somewhat slowly and understandably reluctantly...
Mrs Jennifer Birch yells at the top of her best shouting voice, “I didn’t tell you to CRAWL out. Have some backbone boy, you have felt this cane before now. I would have thought you would have been falling over yourself to feel Madam Cane’s caress once more. Believe you me, you are about to feel a good few of her caresses – and not of the loving variety either!"
You stand facing her, trembling...

"Right you impudent brat, BEND OVER! I have some questions to ask between strokes.


For instance the first question is - Just who do you think I am boy? You may tell me the answer after I have given you two strokes - once you have caught your breath that is. Yes… this could take some time I think. As we are trying to find out just exactly how you regard me!”

Does the thought of facing Mrs Jennifer Birch, Headmistress, and Madam Cane send a tingle up your spine?


How about the idea of spending 'a little corner time' between sets, just to give you a little time to reflect upon your sins...


Or is the idea of 'toasty fingers' the one that resonates with you? If so, it seems to me that you had better make your way to Headmistress sooner rather than later - and don't forget your note!


I'm probably best known for my role as Mrs Birch, Headmistress, conducting strict school fantasy sessions. Indeed, there have many a naughty adult boy and girl who has faced  my cane, strap or tawse over the years. And I'll bet they never forgot the experience!


Naturally my collection of schoolroom disciplinary implements includes a wide selection of canes, Scottish tawse, English straps, ferules, convent straps, razor strops and  rulers along with a cupboard full of nasty surprises for the most recalcitrant student. 

Your 'Visit to Headmistress' is tailored to suit your favourite school discipline fantasy. An in depth discussion with me will always precede your session, so that I can gain a greater understanding of your individual needs. Our discussion will also serve to allay your fears, and calm most nerves. It will enable you to gain more confidence in me as well as affording you a better idea of what to expect throughout your session.


Book your appointment with Mrs Birch, Headmistress today.


   Fees in AUD for Visits to the Headmistress - Currency Converter
1 hour           - $300        90 minutes   - $400        2 hours   - $500