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  Disciplinary Sessions, Training and Online Programs    

Disciplinary Sessions

I conduct appointments in the privacy of a domestic residence conveniently located in Sydney's North West. My sessions revolve around classic themes of corporal punishment, traditional domestic and scholastic style punishments and petticoat discipline. To the left you'll find a selection of my favourite sessions which should give you an idea of my specialties. Click on the links that interest you to read more about what each session entails.

Below I have listed my Online Disciplinary Services, which may suit you if you are unable to attend in person.


Chastity Control Program - Online ONLY

For the naughty male in need of a little control over his masturbatory habits, I am more than happy to provide a Chastity program and of course remote supervision during his chastity. That's of course if that naughty male dares to hand over control to me?

Online Detention for the Miscreant Pupil

Miscreant pupils reporting for Home Detention may attend for one night, five nights or a full weekend. The written imposition I will set for your Home Detention Assignment will be a serious punishment especially designed to keep you well and truly occupied for hours on end. You will be pushed to your limits with one or more tediously monotonous tasks. Be warned! These are not frivolous exercises. You will not be set something of a titillating nature - these are traditional, onerous scholastic punishments. 

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Phone Discipline with Mrs Birch

I offer two types of phone experiences. The first is the classic phone discipline session, a perfect alternative if you are not able to make an appointment to see me in person. As an experienced professional, I  guarantee to bring to life your favourite spanking fantasy as my voice and my words become my implements of correction. 

Alternatively, you may just want to talk to someone who really understands your need to be disciplined or you may simply want to chat about spanking and corporal punishment in general. Perhaps you are new to the spanking scene and want to find out more about it and what to expect before you make your first face to face appointment.


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Arranging  your Appointment


Please email me to arrange your appointment, allow at least several days in advance to avoid disappointment. I do not take same day appointments.