Mrs Birch, Disciplinarian

  Sissification Sessions

"What on earth are you wearing? Are they my panties? And are they my stockings and suspender belt you have on? Just what exactly do you think you are doing, dressing in my underwear? Are you some kind of sissy

Sissy Karen busy dusting



Well then, perhaps we should see what your friends think about you being a sissy!


What's that? You don't want them to know?


Well, that's too bad isn't it. That means that you'll be willing to do what ever it takes for me not to tell them you're really a sissy then, doesn't it?


Yes, I thought that might be the case...


So, this changes things slightly doesn't it? I think it's time we had some fun, don't you?


And since you like dressing in my underwear, why stop there? I think perhaps I should give you the full transformation and dress you completely like a sissy, then you can entertain me and make me laugh by showing me how nicely you can prance and primp...


...or I may force you to dress in little girl's clothes, like frilly, lacy party frocks with frothy chiffon petticoats, and little girl panties underneath, and on your feet you'll wear lace topped ankle socks with Mary Janes, and then I'll make you behave like a little girl and give you dollies to play with and make you play little girl games like skipping and ring-a-rosy. And you'll have to lisp and mince and curtsey for me.

And as my little sissy girl you should expect to become fully familiar with having your bare bottom spanked, as well as receiving the strap or hairbrush and whatever else I feel like using on your naughty bottom...


Perhaps I may dress you as a French Maid and train you to serve me and make you practise your curtsey over and over until its perfect, or put you to work doing hours and hours of housework while I sit and relax with a hot drink and a good book... 


Now, I think we need a new name for you my sissified sissy, that old male name just doesn't seem to fit anymore now does it? Hmmm...let me see, Sissy Petunia? Sissy Primrose? 


And you won't be needing your male underwear anymore now will you? Those ugly male underpants will certainly have to go. From now on, it'll be feminine frillies at all times under your male clothes when you leave the house. Understood?


Oh yes, things are going to change around here..."

Sound like fun? It is, I love forced feminisation and I particularly love sissy roleplay sessions such as I've described. Over the years I've had the absolute pleasure of transforming many 'reluctant' males into graceful - ahem, not so graceful ballerinas, blossoming belles, demure debutantes and many other feminine roles.


And I look forward to treating you to a little forced feminisation as well.  Give me a call, and let's unleash your inner sissy today!

   Fees for Sissification and Forced Feminisation sessions
1 hour           - $350      90 mins      - $450        2 hours    - $550    

     Disciplinary Services

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